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Candy Land

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I acquired this 4/27/2015. This is a piece of Frag Sharks.  He had one of the most known threads on R2R.  His tank was crashing and ended up selling Corn Bred the majority of his corals.  Including the mini colony OG JD.  That is how I acquired it.  This is the truest lineage out there, most hardy, and longest in captivity. 

1st Pic is Royal Blue and second is T-5s

 Frag is cut to order.  I will let heal 1-2 weeks before shipping.

*** Its always best to try and replicate the parameters from which the coral came from.  This will help acclimate the coral more quickly to a new environment. 

 Current Parameters

Lighting-  T-5s with Cree Royal Blue Supplement Leds

Lighting Intensity-  400-450 PAR

Water Parameters- Alkalinty- 8-9, Magnesium 1350-1475, Salinity- 1.026, Calcium-440.  Nitrate- 0.5-2, Phosphates- .01-.04

Flow- Medium-High

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